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Press Release: World Post Day (9 October 2022)

                                                                       Press Release

                                                  World Post Day - 9 October 2022

On World Post Day, the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE) advises citizens that in case they receive a registered or other postal item which is delivered open or damaged, or which has its content missing, to immediately file a complaint to the Hellenic Authority for Communication Security and Privacy (ADAE).

The postal sector has changed radically in recent years entailing more risks and challenges. Furthermore, due of the fact that the number of parcels has increased, there are more risks and problems in safeguarding this fundamental human right. The constitutionally independent authority (ADAE), according to article 19 of the Hellenic Constitution has as its mission to safeguard privacy and security of electronic and postal communications. ADAE, according to its legislative framework and institutional role, guarantees the security and protection of privacy and security in postal and courier services.

This year’s message is that it is essential that coordinated actions should be taken place among relevant bodies/stakeholders for the achievement of digital transformation of the postal sector and green deal by taking account security and privacy.

Moreover, the Division for the Assurance of Privacy of Postal Communications according to its jurisdictions monitors new technologies and looks into the standards related to postal and courier services. Furthermore, takes into account the new regulatory framework for the provision of postal services through Unmanned Aircraft Systems (UAS).

In the context of the above, the Authority participates as an Associated Partner in the new European Innovation Program EACEA Erasmus+ "DigiGreen Post: Towards a more digital and greener Postal Era" which involves the digital transformation of the postal sector, a European Digital Strategy for the Postal Sector and the development of new "digital and green" skills for postal operators in an EU level.  Furthermore, the Authority collaborates with European and International bodies and Insitutions.

The Authority points out the necessity of education in the postal sector as well as training courier and post office employees. Furtmermore, ADAE disseminates audiovisual material to employees engaged in the postal and courier sector while at the same time tries to establish a culture of security by participating as an Associated Partner in other EU Projects such as the European Project (NewPost:Upgrading the EU Postal Sector with new skills) or other national projects in the postal sector.

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